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40 years of Leach Botanical Garden

Did you know we’re in our 40th anniversary year? To celebrate this “ruby” year we’re offering special visitor discounts, events, tours, and more! To get the celebration started we’re launching a membership drive, and a new free birthday visit program. Stay tuned for other festive anniversary announcements every month in our newsletter.
The Grand Staircase
Early Music Concert 1984
The Covered Arbor
The Manor House
Container Planting Class 1990
Manor House
Parks Commissioner Charles Jordan at the grand opening 1983
Garden Tour 1983
The Stone Cabin

Your birthday month - our treat

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In the spirit of shared joy and community, LBG invites you to celebrate your birthday month with us.

historical plant tours

Learn about plants from the original Leach collection.

Getting to Leach Botanical Garden

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