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About Leach Botanical Garden

Leach Botanical Garden was donated by the Leach Family to the City of Portland's Parks and Recreation in 1980.

Portland Parks and Recreation owns the land and buildings that comprise the 17 acre property.

As the property owner, PP&R provides an enduring entity to ensure the property serves as amenity to the public and the community into the future.

In 1982, Leach Garden Friends was formed to care for the property with an enhanced level of service required by a botanical and horticultural space. The friends group raised funds for landscaping, repair and maintenance of the buildings, and educational programing that included public events and plant sales. Today more than 15 staff members care for the property, offering educational events, tours, plant care, and visitor services to more than 45,000 people per year.

This partnership between Leach Garden Friends and Portland Parks and Recreation has endured for 40 years most recently realized with an $11 million campaign, comprised primarily of SDC funding, funding from Prosper Portland, and other philanthropic contributions to develop the upper garden which added parking, sidewalks, a covered arbor, and a new pollinator garden. (See Development Plan below). This campaign sets the stage for two more phases of development that will include a new community center/administration building, and additional cultivated gardens. LGF also raised $1.5 million, shepherded by Representative Jeff Reardon to perform maintenance and repairs on the Manor House, Carriage House, and stone cottage.

Portland Parks and Recreation has provided Pass-thru funding to the Leach Garden Friends since 2011 to help support administrative costs of maintaining the garden. PP&R hopes to phase out this funding over time, necessitating the creating of an endowment for garden operations and the creation of a paid entrance fee.

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