Sponsorship Opportunities


We have a number of sponsorship opportunities available

Sponsorship allows you to support the garden while designating an area of the garden that is important to you. The length of each sponsorship varies and can be adjusted based on your interests.
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Large Dollar Sponsorship Opportunities

Naming Opportunities 15-20 year duration

Aerial Tree Walk - $500,000
Pollinator and Habitat Garden - $250,000
Fireplace Terrace - $250,000
Gathering Green - $100,000

Rebuild the Footbridge - $75,000

The footbridge, providing access to the stone cabin and outdoor kitchen, washed away during a high river event in December 2020. We are raising funds for a long term bridge solution, but in the mean time, you can help us build a temporary bridge.

Horticulture Team Sponsors

We are looking for multiple sponsors at $3,000 per year or one sponsor at $45,000 per year. The Hort team sponsors will enable us to add seasonal garden staff to help care for the pollinator garden and other newly planted areas.

Contemplative Place – $25,000 over 5 years.

Contemplative Place sponsor will support the maintenance and enhancements to the surrounding landscape of our contemplative place.

Art Benches – 10 year naming opportunity

Twist – Sponsored in honor of David Porter
Bend – $12,000
Rooted – $15,000
Meander – $18,000

These benches grace the new areas of the garden, adding a whimsical touch to the newly planted areas.  

Outreach and Inclusion Sponsors

We are looking for multiple sponsors at $3,000 per year or one sponsor at $45,000 per year. These sponsors support our continuing effort to partner with the diverse community surrounding the Garden to provide space for cultural events, scholarships, and culturally relevant programming.

Educational Programming Sponsors

Multiple sponsors at $3,000 per year or one $45,000 sponsorship.  Educational sponsors will allow us to expand opportunities for children and adults, including spring break and summer camps, hands-on classes and workshops.

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