Annual Garden Events

For the past thirty years, Leach Botanical Garden has invited visitors to enjoy the Garden through an annual cycle of Garden Events. Some of these events are vitally important because they help to raise funds to support the Garden's operation. The annual Holiday Bazaar and the English Teas are popular examples. BazrWreaths_2010sml_AL.jpg


While it does not take place at the Garden, the Annual Plant Sale in the Spring offers gardeners and horticulturists of all sorts the opportunity to purchase plants from specialty nurseries as well as those propagated from our diverse plant collection. The plant sale is a fundraiser as well.


Garden Events also include the annual Children's Nature Fair which is not a fundraising event but an invitation to families to experience nature and to learn about plants, animals and their habitat and create fun art and craft projects in an enjoyable setting. Great for kids of all ages.


Beginning in 2011 the Garden offered extended hours on National Public Garden Day in May hoping to make the Garden more accessible to new audiences. 


New Garden Events may be added to the calendar in years to come as new areas of the Garden are developed and our capacity to serve the public increases. 


Upcoming Garden Events

Annual Photo Contest
Annual Photo Contest
Apr 21st 9:30 pm - 2:00 pm
Annual Photo Contest
Annual Photo Contest