Botanical Collection

The Leach Botanical Garden contains several discrete collections with a focus on the flora of Oregon and plants collected and discovered by Lilla during their expeditions.

Iris_innominata.jpgIris Innominata


The native plant collection contains plants that occurred naturally within the borders of the state of Oregon before European settlement anchored by plants that are compatible with the climate and growing conditions of the Garden.


The historic collection includes the plants discovered by the Leaches: Kalmiopsis leachianaIris innominataSedum moraniiSophora leachiana, and Triteleia hendersonii v leachiae. Specialty collections include flora of the southeastern United States, an extensive fern collection and a Camellia collection.

Botanical Library at Leach Garden

The library contains books on gardening, horticulture, botany, and related subjects, with a focus on Northwest plants.


There are over 1,100 books in the library collection, about 550 reference books, and approximately 100 periodical titles.


The library is available to researchers by appointment. Leach Garden members also have access to library materials.


And There's So Much More...

While the botanical collection at Leach is central to our existence,  the Garden is rich with other things to do and see,  taste and touch, hear and smell.  And just as the plants here have their seasons,  so do all the other things that make Leach Botanical Garden a treasure.