Designing for the Future

The second phase of design work at Leach Botanical Garden will begin this year. Following a request for qualifications from Portland Parks & Recreation, a design team headed by Land Morphology and Olson-Kundig Architects has been selected. The project will build on work completed in 2012. Nearly eight acres in the undeveloped Upper Garden will offer new botanical and programmatic experiences to visitors and make a connection to the historic Garden and Manor House along Johnson Creek. The design intends that Leach become the signature public cultural attraction in East Portland. Projects of this magnitude always progress more slowly than we'd like, but the pace also offers opportunities for the community to reflect on and provide input for elements  that might be important in the new garden.


Information on the project goals, past concept development and unfolding design ideas will be posted on this page.  We urge you to use the form to the right to submit comments or questions. If you want to hear more about the design as we go forward,  let us know and we'll add your name to the list of interested persons.  As part of the public involvement effort in the design proces, we will periodically be offering peopl the chance to participate in short surveys. That would be another reason to provide us with your name and contact information.



Leach Botanical Garden's Vision, Mission, and Values

Business Plan Executive Summary 2011

Leach Botanical Garden Master Plan 2010

2011 Collection Assessment Report

Program Goals-Final Evaluation 03.15.12


Phase Two Design Concepts

We will post information here as the process unfolds.  Late Spring 2015.




Artist concepts of new botanical collection beds,  people gathering spaces,  and facilities.